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Why you should consider scrapping your diesel motor in 2018

In 2017, new car sales in the UK saw their first drop in six years.   This may be attributed in part to recent scrutiny which implicates diesel cars as a cause of air pollution, due to their emissions. This has led to government imposing increases in tax and negative public opinion. With diesel cars depreciating [...]

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‘Tis The Season To Recycle

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. We are surrounded by presents, food and most importantly, family and friends. However, Christmas is also an extremely wasteful time of year. We spend hundreds of pounds on food and drink, only to throw large amounts away. The average household throws away 30% more at [...]

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What is vehicle depollution?

If your car has had its time and is being sent to the scrapyard, it’s known as an end-of-life vehicle (ELV). There are many special safety regulations which have been put in place for the handling and disposal of ELVs before they can be scrapped. Depollution is an extremely important, if not vital part of [...]

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What Can I Recycle as Scrap Metal?

Whilst the UK recycles more of its waste material than ever before, recycling largely seems to focus on plastic and paper. But what we need be considering more is whether the items we’re throwing away are made of metal, and of those, which are recyclable. Scrap metal generally falls into two categories: ferrous and nonferrous [...]

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How We Can Help You Scrap Your Car

I want to scrap my car… but how do I go about it? If you are searching “how to scrap my car” it usually means that a sad day dawned, you’ve realised the cost of fixing your car turns out to be more than it is actually worth and it’s at this point it may [...]

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A Litter Free World

Every day in the UK over 2 million items of litter are dropped on our beaches, fields, towns and roadsides, spoiling our landscape, harming our wildlife and threatening our planet. Clearing up the litter dropped in the streets and green spaces in England alone is costing the UK taxpayer £1 billion a year. This is [...]

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