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Before the second World War, Fred Lloyd set up a ‘Rag and Bone Round’, where he collected scrap metal to support the war effort of WWII. Following this, he detected a gap in the market and set up a scrap metal company in 1948.

The next three decades saw the business through years of success: a move to the Pontypool Foundry Site, then on to our present site at the Stricks Works as Fred Lloyd & Sons Limited. 2003 was a big year for us as we expanded by investing in a waste transfer facility for commercial waste, a key service to run alongside our skip hire department.

In 2004, Fred Lloyd became an Authorised Treatment Facility for handling the depollution and processing of Scrap Vehicles. With over 70 years’ experience and a strong Welsh presence, we were recognised by industry leading waste management company GD Environmental as a business worth acquiring. In 2016, we were thrilled to become a part of the GD Environmental Services Group.

A strong brand paired with a market leader? We knew the best was yet to come.