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DVLA and Environment Agency approved End of Life Vehicle Specialists

Fred Lloyd & Sons Ltd is an Authorised Treatment Facility (A.T.F.) licensed by the Environment Agency to de-pollute scrap vehicles to make them safe to be further processed.

DVLA Approved

In 2004, following an inspection by DVLA and Environment Agency, Fred Lloyd & Sons Ltd became an A.T.F. This enables us to process scrap vehicles (E.L.V.) to remove pollutants and make them safe following a strict disposal procedure.

Disposal Procedure

  • The scrap vehicle is accepted onto the site following production of the V5 Certificate (log book/ registration document).
  • All hazardous fuels and liquids are drained into storage containers for future disposal.
  • The battery is removed and stored before sending for further recycling.
  • The wheels are removed and stored prior to further processing and recycling.
  • The engine is removed and stored before being further processed for recycling.
  • The resultant safe vehicle is then processed using a scrap metal baler and sent for recycling at a shredding plant where the resultant materials will be sent for re-use.

All scrap vehicles are issued with a Certificate of Destruction following this disposal procedure.

For more information contact us by telephone on 01495 762611 or email enquiries@fredlloyd.co.uk.