Why you should consider scrapping your diesel motor in 2018

In 2017, new car sales in the UK saw their first drop in six years.   This may be attributed in part to recent scrutiny which implicates diesel cars as a cause of air pollution, due to their emissions. This has led to government imposing increases in tax and negative public opinion.

With diesel cars depreciating in value every day, have you considered scrapping yours for a cleaner and cheaper alternative?

We’ve put a few arguments together for why it might be a good idea!

Environmental and Health Issues

Diesel cars cause four times more pollution than petrol cars. They emit far more nitric oxide into the air than petrol alternatives which can lead to increased risk of respiratory health problems; including asthma, or in more extreme cases cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Increasing Costs

The “Toxin Tax” will make ownership of diesel cars ever more expensive. To combat air pollution, the Government is ready to introduce a number of steps to ensure that fewer diesel cars are on UK roads. The scheme is set to launch in 2019; diesel vehicles will be liable for a daily charge of around £12.50 when driving in city centres.

Declining value of Diesel cars

With negative publicity, increasing health concerns and Government-backed schemes against diesel vehicles, it’s no surprise the value of diesel cars is dropping.

In 2017 alone, the value of some used diesel cars dropped by up to 26.3%!

For diesel car owners looking to sell, not only is there less demand from potential buyers but there is an even smaller return on price.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be easier to scrap your car with us?

Fred Lloyd is an Authorised Treatment Facility (A.T.F.)  regulated by Natural Resources Wales. We are able to treat scrap vehicles to make them safe for further processing and recycling.

If you require further information about this service, please contact our Pontypool depot on 01495 762611, or email us: enquiries@fredlloyd.co.uk

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